You are what you eat

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Marije Vogelzang, author of the successful Eat Love book, adds a fantastic new game to the BIS list of creative memory games; and unsurprisingly, it is all about food.

In creating this memory game, Marije Vogelzang selected food that has a specific and consistent effect on our body. In the You Are What You Eat memory game, the task is to find sets of corresponding cards, and correctly
matching a food to its effect on our body. Examples include cola and burping, garlic and bad breath, pepper and sneezing, spinach and physical strength and so on.

Beautifully photographed and enhanced with funny illustrations by Marije, this game guarantees hours of playing fun around the kitchen table and may inspire players of all ages to experiment with experiencing these effects on their own bodies. Be careful with the red hot chilli peppers!
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