Whose weight is it anyway?

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It is a simple thruth: nobody can do withoud food. But to solely describe food as a biological need would be too limited neglecting the fact that food is a social and cultural practice as well. Despite its appearance food is not even morally neutral. It is this moral aspect that is being explored in the book. <br /> <br /> Scholars from various disciplines address the ethical perspective of changing food habits in general and the promotion of healthy eating in particular. While it is certainly the case that some people consider their health when deciding what to eat health is seldom the only motive for their choice. What many campaigns for healthy food seem to neglect is the fact that the way we eat and what we eat is related to our personal and social identity and to culture and tradition. As such food comes with a lot of values. <br /> <br /> The interdisciplinary approach of this book is unique and offers insights from a range of fields such as sociology psychology history philosophy and feminist studies.
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