Where rain is art

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What do a lot of legends, the colour green and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain have in common? The answer lies in the country's northwest Galicia, where once the Celts, backed by the Atlantic Ocean, forced the Romans out and left an indelible mark. At the heart of this beautiful landscape of hills, monasteries and tiny villages lies Santiago de Compostela, a modern city, where the past is not so easily left behind. Here the Dutch Marielle Saegaert cheerfully enjoys the bewitching streets and centuries-old squares of the historic area of the city, and lives - like all Compostela citizens - daily live without agenda. In these streets, which are never completely empty and where the shadows live their own life, Marielle is left again surprised every day by the indestructible nature of each Galician, who can always tell a good story, and who knows to turn every single need into a great virtue . Santiago de Compostela, a timeless city, not always wrapped in a blue sky. Here even the rain is beautiful.
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AuteurMarielle Saegaert
SeriesNederlanders over de grens
PublisherVanDorp publishers
Soort boekPaperback
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