Weather in the city

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A beautifully designed square where you are almost blown over, an apartment in the city where the summer heat keeps you awake at night. We all know examples of urban and landcape architectural design that doesn’t sufficiently take the urban climate into account. With clear texts and insightful and inspirational illustrations, this book shows how clever urban design can make the city more comfortable. <br><br> The way we experience the microclimate depends on physical and environmental psychological factors. Based on these factors, the way the basic processes of the urban climate work, and how these can be influenced through spatial planning and urban design are explained. Weather in the city. How Design Shapes the Urban Climate is richly illustrated with photographs, illustrations and many examples from temperate climate regions all over the world. It is a reference work as well as an inspirational book for everyone working on a liveable city: commissioners, policymakers, professionals and students in urban design, landscape architecture and planning.
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AuteurSanda Lenzholzer
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