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Water & Heritage ... tells the story of water heritage in all its diversity. It reveals the technical ingenuity that water heritage has always inspired, and it presents the challenges that this heritage faces, along with possible solutions. Reflecting the depth of cooperation between UNESCO and ICOMOS, this book was launched ... as a showcase of cooperation to increase dialogue on water heritage. - Irina Bokova (Director-General of UNESCO)Water is vital for life, and its availability has been a concern for mankind throughout the ages. Its presence has always been ascertained in a variety of ways and the development of human society everywhere is connected with various forms of water management. Man also needed to manage water to find protection from its dangers and the need for that is increasing. In the coming decades, the impact of climate change is expected to intensify floods and droughts, affect groundwater resources, raise sea levels, increase pollution and enhance the frequency and magnitude of disasters. Societies around the world are challenged to adapt to these threats to ensure water security, economic prosperity and environmental and cultural sustainability.This book deals with the heritage of water management and the use that was made of water, as well as the impact of water management on heritage. An example of the former may be an ancient irrigation system in the Philippines or in the Middle East that still functions today, while the latter may reflect the importance of maintaining groundwater levels for the preservation of organic remains on archaeological sites or of wooden piles underneath standing buildings. In either case the papers in this book reflect the dynamic nature of water, and hence the equally dynamic relation between water management and heritage.This publication follows up on a Heritage and Water conference in Amsterdam, the first of its kind. Its main purpose is to credibly present the importance and value of heritage and historical experience for water and sustainable development, and vice versa, present the importance of water management for the protection of heritage. It presents evolving insights and concepts about Water and about Heritage from a variety of disciplines, policy and public perspectives illustrated with cases studies and aims to connect decision makers with experts such as engineers, archaeologists, historians, geographers, ecologist and landscape architects.This book was initiated by ICOMOS Netherlands as a follow up to its 2013 international conference 'Protecting delta's, heritage helps'. Contents:ForewordIrina Bokova (Director-General of UNESCO)PrefaceJhr. Ir. Diederik Six (president ICOMOS Netherlands) and Drs. Erik Luijendijk (board member ICOMOS Netherlands)Culture is the fourth pillar of sustainable developmentOlivier BlondWater and Heritage: conventions and connectionsHenk P.J. van Schaik, Michael van der Valk and Willem WillemsEvolution of rainwater harvesting in urban areas through the millennia. A sustainable technology for increasing water availabilityBenoît Haut, Xiao Yun Zheng, Larry Mays, Mooyoung Han, Cees Passchier, and Andreas N. AngelakisAncient Water Wisdom. Traditional water systems in IndiaVasudha Pangare and Ganesh PangareWater and heritage in Angkor, Cambodia. The monuments, the ancient hydraulic network and their recent rehabilitationPeou HangWater and World heritageAnne LemaistreBeautiful tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea. Human responses to floods and droughts and the indigenous archaeological heritage of the CaribbeanCorinne L. Hofman and Menno L.P. HooglandPacific Islands on the brink of submergence. Rising seas in an age of climate changesJohn A. PetersonSand and water - and their effect on the pyramids of Meroe in the SudanAlexandra RiedelPreserving New York City's waterfront industrial and maritime heritage through resilient and sustainable development. New York City's coastal developmentKate DalyHeritage values of water and sea defense in Recife. Challenges for a local governmental approachEvelyne Labanca Corrêa de AraújoHazard vulnerability and management of cultural heritage in the context of water-related hazards in the Republic of KoreaHae Un Rii, Hyo Hyun Sung and Jisoo KimFlood Protection for Historic Sites - Integrating Heritage Conservation and Flood Control Concepts. Experiences in GermanyHeiko Lieske, Erika Schmidt and Thomas Will'Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get'. Managing the potential effects of oceanic climate change on underwater cultural heritageMark DunkleyWater as an Agent of Creation and Destruction at PetraDouglas C. ComerTsunami and heritage after the 2011 Great East Japan EarthquakeKatsuyuki OkamuraReinforcing the link between Water and Heritage in order to build Disaster Resilient SocietiesRohit JigyasuBetween pragmatism and cultural context. Continuity and change in Ifugao wet-rice agricultureStephen Acabado and Marlon MartinWater Services Heritage and Institutional DiversityT.S. Katko, P.S. Juuti, P.E. Pietilä and R.P. RajalaThe framework of skills and knowledge shared in long-enduring organizations in the improvement of irrigation efficiency in JapanMikiko Sugiura, Yohei Sato and Shinsuke OtaThe Deltaworks: heritage and new space for a changing worldMarinke SteenhuisBeyond site protection. Embedding natural heritage into sustainable landscapesKenneth IrvineThe Santa Cruz River. Four Millennia of Water Heritage and Security in the U.S.-Mexico Border RegionRafael de Grenade and Robert G. VaradyCultural and touristic strategies for preservation and enhancement of Venice and its lagoonFrancesco CalzolaioThe Tennessee Valley Authority. How the Development of the Tennessee River Influenced Archaeology in the Southeastern United StatesErin Pritchard, Michaelyn Harle and Pat Bernard EzzellDevelopment of the WWC world water heritage systems (WHS) programAvinash Chand Tyagi and Kazumi Yamaoka

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