Valorisation of Household Labour in Family Property Law

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This book provides a comparative overview of the valorisation and compensation of household labour in property relations between spouses and cohabitants. Academic experts from Belgium (Prof. Charlotte Declerck and Prof. Ingrid Boone), Germany (Prof. Katharina Lugani), England & Wales (Prof. Anne Barlow), France (Prof. Véronique Bouchard-Barabé), The Netherlands (Prof. Leon Verstappen and Prof. Wilbert Kolkman), Norway (Prof. Tone Sverdrup) and Spain & Catalonia (Prof. Josep Ferrer-Riba) examine the topic from the perspective of their particular legal systems. The book concludes with a comparative analysis from Prof. Leon Verstappen and Prof. Charlotte Declerck. The Family & Law series broadly focuses on the debate between theory and practice in the field of Family Law. The exchange of knowledge with other disciplines, such as the Social Science, plays an important role. This series is composed of monographs, theses, conference bundles and commentaries. These publications are aimed at lawyers, notaries, judges, academics and officials from the civil registry.
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AuteurLeon Verstappen
SeriesNILG - Familie en recht
PublisherEleven international publishing
Soort boekPaperback
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Recensie achterlatenValorisation of Household Labour in Family Property Law
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