Travels with epicurus

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While septuagenarian Daniel Klein's peers were doing everything they could, from skydiving to facelifts, to look and act as young as they felt, he contemplated a more graceful answer to aging and instead took off to a place where people seemed to know the secret to a long, happy, and healthy life. Klein travels to Greece with a library of his favorite philosophers, where he observes other septuagenarians and octogenarians, and thinks about his own life, particularly seeking out wisdom from renowned hedonist Epicurus, and discovers the pleasure in the little things over the grandiose comforts of luxury. - A gift-size, jacketed hardcover - Positive book about aging and living your best life - Makes the perfect gift book for every mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or grandparent - Klein's previous book Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar was a New York Times bestseller
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PublisherPenguin US
Binding MethodHardcover
Year of Publication2012
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