Think like a designer, don't act like one

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Think Like A Designer, Don't Act Like One gives you 75 inspiring, educational and sometimes hilarious insights in the adventurous minds of the designer. The insights give every professional tools to apply in their own innovation processes. Learn from the inimitable reasons the designers have to get to their creations or just enjoy the explanations about designs around us, even the ones that are often perceived as a failure (e.g. the Fiat MuItipla). The author harvested not only from his own experience but also listened to what famous designers and architects had to say about the design profession. It is a book about the mentality of people that create products which continuously have a big impact on our daily lives. But please remember: even a designer is only human...
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AuthorJeroen van Erp
PublisherBIS Publishers BV
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2018
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