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How can you become a successful teacher? The Teachers' Handbook is an accessible reference work, based on the general knowledge that every beginning teacher should possess. It offers a host of practical tools and is an inspiration for current thesis topics. This publication provides a comprehensive bridge between theory and everyday classroom practice. The Teachers' Handbook answers key questions for the student teacher, varying from 'How can I teach my students?' to 'How can I grow as a teacher?'. Cognitive psychology, the corresponding didactics and keeping order are described in Part A. Part B deals with group processes, including bullying, appropriate education and discourse at school. The Dutch educational system for HAVO/VWO, VMBO and MBO are addressed in Part C. Part D focuses on the personal and professional development of teachers. Part E looks at how teachers can shape their teaching for VMBO and MBO. The Teachers' Handbook offers every teacher and student teacher in secondary education and vocational education a rich foundation on which to continue to grow as a teacher. This book is also useful for instructors in Associate Degree programmes. Walter Geerts works at the NHL Stenden University as an educational expert and trainer of HBO instructors. René van Kralingen is a teacher trainer and educational adviser at Van Kralingen Educational Consultancy Agency.

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