The power of Facebook

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Nearly everything a professional working with Facebook needs to know today. Due to be published. Short promise: Facebook is a space of desire and addiction, but also intense joy. It offers possibilities of unprecedented data exposure but also social analysis; unlimited exploitation and surveillance but also is a real-time tool to fight crime; it may encourage polarizing views but it is also very much also a space of communion, and public longing. Presently, Facebook is the best and most prominent, dominating, cutting-edge service that the internet has to offer. This book offers a detailed guide to how Facebook is working with us but also outside of our interests, bringing the entire Internet within its own gates for us to ogle. The Power of Facebook is precisely taken apart and reassembled in a comprehensive journalistic fashion, with one eye always towards the future, and always facts and opinions from ALL sides. What exactly is happening? How much do YOU know? The 'Power of Facebook' explains every aspect of this mighty internet company. Content Quotations Introduction Part I Power Chapter 1: The pleasure of Facebook You might already know how this tremendous service works, but this chapter offers you a different view on how and why this great pleasure is built up through combined technical and biosocial means. Chapter 2: Facebook's kitchen secrets How does Facebook work behind its wall? What is profiling, and how does it connect to the EdgeRank system, in laymans terms? Chapter 3: The great power, the internet passport Facebooks most unique power is its `ownership of the identities of almost all participants. In what ways does this power display itself? How does Facebook manage it? Part II Privacy Chapter 4: The fantastic privacy labyrinth Aside from your own Timeline, you also have a much more elaborate invisible profile that only Facebook sees. How is Facebook dealing with the balance between privacy settings and the need to build up your personal data as advertising profile and profit? Chapter 5: Fuss about privacy How can we negotiate seemingly new privacy issues that emerge from Facebook connections? How to deal with friends, bosses and colleagues, your spouse (or lover!), and your children online and on chat? Heres a thought: What if your privacy could become a valuable trade asset? Chapter 6: Watchdogs that bark and bite The recent history of tough struggles between Facebook and different government and citizen watchdog authorities on the companys ever-transitioning privacy settings. III Marketing Chapter 7: Brands want your friendship Businesses are Facebooks customers. Marketing is a positive terrain, a space of beautiful manners and uniquely designed tricks used to seduce us. Here youll find examples of some of the most well managed marketing campaigns used to capture your profile views and Likes. Chapter 8: Your value on Facebook What are you worth to the marketers with their brands? Assessing your value and its calculation from the opposite side of the screen. IV Social Chapter 9: Our social ties A consideration of the links between our social behavior and the social research emerging on Facebook, addressing: friendship management, clubs and online associations and organizing, the issue of loneliness, and the dilemma of image building. Chapter 10: From tinkering to Facebookaholism Were all addicted in some way to this beautiful phenomenon. Why? How might we resist the worst forms of Facebook addiction? Chapter 11: Adultery, divorce, revenge and even murder A bestiary of surreptitious delights, documenting all of the things that go wrong, with Facebook, with many real world examples. Chapter 12: Theo, are you dead or something? Passing away in the time of Facebook, with some cosmic humor and future-oriented tips. V Crime, Terror, Rebellion Chapter 13: The CIA, police and cybercrime How does Facebook, an emerging world power, come to manifest in security and censorship, and the tracing of citizens? Chapter 14: Facebook as a weapon of terrorism Anders Breivik has been the key European terrorist of this era so far. Everything about him and his fellows behaviour on and use of Facebook, a most revealing chapter. Chapter 15: Revolutions protest and election campaigns From the Arab Spring to Obamas (re-)election. How influential are social media networks on political change, really? VI Opinions Chapter 16: Philosophers on Facebook How do people like Evgeny Morozov, Sherry Turkle, Doug Rushkoff, Andrew Keen, Bernard Stiegler look at Facebook in the scheme of things. A pessimistic picture. Chapter 17: The view of popular authors and internet tech heads A balance of gay and critical views from popular authors and internet leaders about the use of social media and the future of internet, including the insights of many observers/users like Julian Assange and Zadie Smith and the humor of Gerrit Komrij. VII Financial Chapter 18: Facebook competition and the fight for the future How is the competition doing? Yahoo, Micrfosoft, Google, Apple, Pinterest. Plus statistics Chapter 19: A close up on the boss and the money The inflated IPO and its aftermath, considered alongslide the most generously complete picture we have of emperor Mark Zuckerberg. VIII Final Chapter 20: How does Facebook become our friend? Recommendations, provocations and conclusions regarding how Facebook might become our most trusted social network.

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