The philosopher's toolbox for entrepreneurs

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'A businessman who reads Business Week is lost to fame. One who reads Proust is marked for greatness.' John Kenneth Galbraith In many economies, freelancers and other independent entrepreneurs make up for well over ten per cent of the total workforce. And their number is rising. They all have to deal with significant risk and uncertain outcomes. Along the way they continuously face difficult questions. How do I bring my product to the market? Is this job applicant any good? Does partnering make sense for me at all? Should I accept that loan? How should I approach these negotiations? What about networking? All the time, entrepreneurs are left to take decisions on their own. Support is hard to come by, costly and not always of the highest added value. 'The Philosopher’s Toolbox for Entrepreneurs' is a unique handbook. It helps every entrepreneur, great and small, to find thoughtful and unprejudiced answers to the questions which he or she faces every day. The book is brimming with ideas from intelligent, independent thinkers ranging from Socrates to Sean Connery. It deals with over thirty clear-cut themes which are essential to any entrepreneur in an easily accessible, no-nonsense manner. Hundreds of wise, inspiring sayings are linked to practical here-and-now business experience. 'The Philosopher’s Toolbox for Entrepreneurs' is a loyal standby for the independent businessman or woman, acting as a personal coach, an involved non-executive and impartial counsellor. It is an indispensable tool for daily use and should be kept handy at all times, close to the smartphone and notebook, ready to provide some quick and effective sparring at a moment’s notice. Michael Bruyn (1962) is an independent entrepreneur and management consultant, who obtained his mba at imd Lausanne. He has an international track record in business of over thirty years, accumulated under all possible weather conditions. He has consulted a wide range of clients, from start-ups to institutional investors and listed companies.

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AuteurMichael F. Bruyn
PublisherMenken Kasander & Wigman Uitgevers C.V.
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Recensie achterlatenThe philosopher's toolbox for entrepreneurs
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