The organizational undercurrent

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'Diagnosing Change' is an introduction into organizational diagnostics with an emphasis on the most difficult type of change process: bottom-up change. The book is unique in its use of artworks to present its subject matter. Using 26 paintings and lithographs, 19 films and 11 poems, the author introduces the reader to the practice of diagnosis to effect bottom-up change. The book ends with a clear diagnostic tool grounded in cinematic technique that uses terminology such as zooming in, zooming out, close-up and screenplay. This tool has proven its practical use in 500+ diagnostic processes in which the author was directly or indirectly involved.
'The Organizational Undercurrent' is designed as a workbook (to be filled in) or simply as a guide to organizing your own notes. Because practice has also shown the need for the model to be available in the shape of a workbook. It is also suitable for use as documentation of the actual diagnosis that constitutes the basis of the change process.

The Organizational Undercurrent is is also published in Dutch: 'Veranderdiagnose'.

Rob van Es PhD is a university lecturer in Organizational Philosophy at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He also works as an independent consultant and trainer in organizational culture, ethics and politics.
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AuthorRob van Es
PublisherVakmedianet Management B.V.
Binding MethodPromotiemateriaal
Year of Publication2017
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