The Marbles and the Crown

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Wise Tree sends Ruben and Rivka on a journey to search for a very special bottle and fill it with 10 unique marbles discovered along the way. These marbles are each collected on several small islands. The children are able to reach each of the islands by crossing a bridge, but only after they have spoken to the looking glass (their inner selves). Throughout their journey they are interrupted, misguided and challenged by Rara Rattlesnake (the evil inclination), who continuously is trying to lead them away from the right path. Butterfly Fairy (the good inclination) consistently provides valuable guidance. Throughout the story the children are sidetracked by situations requiring them to decide whether to follow the direction of Rara Rattlesnake or Butterfly Fairy. When Ruben and Rivka succeed in their task they are amply rewarded, but their most valuable reward is the insight, experience.

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AuteurMarga Vogel, Michelle Princenthal
PublisherVrije Uitgevers, De
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