The Lost Industrial Revolution

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The Lost Industrial Revolution is a revisionist, well researched book, to the point of being the definitive account of the roots of the Industrial Period that began with Ctesibius in 270 B.C. at the onset of the Hellenistic Period. This publication will arouse new interest in Classic studies and provide a new starting point for a new reassessment of waves of technological development that until now leave few ties between the mechanical genius of Ctesibius and the renaissance of his basic mechanical inventions that nearly set off the foundations of exponential technological expansion but suffered a premature hibernation. The weakest of embers were never fully extinguished; it required the tandem geniuses of Denin Papin and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnis to cognitively grasp what Ctesibius and Hero of Alexandria had accomplished and slowly reify their mechanical innovations back to Western Civilization.
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