The Last Chimpanzee

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Only man is capable of birth-control, both population growth and contraception. The explosive growth in population and famine on earth has led to the breeding of animals solely for consumption. Genocide, the accelerated extinction of species, and Ecocide, large environmental damage are the consequences. This process is self-ending .... and forces us to reconsider. Sooner or later in the 21st century the chimpanzee will die. Wild life conservation, restoring the amount of available wild fish and other wild animals is top priority. This book describes how intensive breeding of animals solely for consumption diseases develop to a greater extent, which can also be transmitted to humans. The expansion in the intensive livestock and poultry breeding threatens the health of us all. Lifestyle changes, such as the purification of drinking water, sewage treatment and the refrigerator, brought us more health benefits than medicines. Prevention is essential for all of us. To make our environment healthier and reduce chronic diseases we need to produce healthier food and to combat all kinds of flu in private homes, public spaces and transport.

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AuteurPeter Holst MD PhD
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes171
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Recensie achterlatenThe Last Chimpanzee
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