The Hidden Tears Behind The Water

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Arjun lives in a village called Sunda Chainpura in Kishanganj, India. He lives there with his mum Vanhi and his little brother, Harsh. His village suffers from dirty water which is the silent killer of the village. Families lose loved ones every day because of the dirty water. One day, Vanhi drinks the dirty water and gets terribly sick. As she struggles to stay alive, she asks Arjun to promise her that he will take care of his little brother when she dies. She also wants him to promise her that he’ll exterminate the dirty water in their village. Arjun accepts his mum’s wishes and promises her that he’ll fulfil them. After their mum dies, everything goes downhill for this family. Harsh gets depression and is brought to a hospital in the centre of Jaipur. Arjun, however, has no one and needs to go to a school to get an education to fulfil his mum’s wishes of exterminating the dirty water in his village. Will Arjun be able to fulfil the promises that he made to his mum or will they forever remain unfulfilled?
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AuteurRaviangelo Paragh
PublisherBrave New Books
Soort boekPaperback
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