The future of shopping - English version

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<p><strong>How will people shop in the future?<br />Why are there so many bankruptcies in the retail sector and so many empty shops in our high streets?<br />What can brands and retailers do to survive?</strong></p><p>Traditional retail is dead. Economic, demographic and above all technological developments have made it obsolete. The static shop has made way for a multiplicity of different retail forms. Thanks to digitalization, the world has become a single gigantic marketplace.</p><p>As a result of this revolution, a new type of consumer has been born, who is also producer and retailer. Today, it is the shoppers who determine what a brand stands for and how it presents itself to the public. In a world of change, everything needs to be reinvented.</p>
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AuthorJorg Snoeck, Pauline Neerman
PublisherLannoo Campus
Binding MethodEbook
Year of Publication2018
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