The fertile land

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'I was struck by the coherence, as one could say, brought about within the music itself. Without the painter/musician Paul Klee, who was the most poetic of all, and without the poet René Char, Pierre Boulez himself claims that he never had become a composer. sounds, images, words About inner desert, and the exuberant inner bloom that Klee transferred on his canvases from Egypt, the Nile, from the Valley of Kings. And about Boulez' own contemplations on the creative process: both of them wrote theories of music, theories of art. creation Most of all I was struck by the constant alternation of desert and bloom, the myths that raise this synchronicity of creation and downfall, existential fear, production and death.' fertility

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AuteurEtty Mulder
PublisherRoelants, Uitgeverij
Aantal bladzijdes120
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Recensie achterlatenThe fertile land
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