The eighth rune

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The Eight Rune is the first book of the Rune series by Dutch author Adrian Stone. A direct sequel to his Devil trilogy.<br><br> Marak Fourfingers, the hero in Adrian Stone’s Devil-trilogy, is no more.<br> But the information recorded in his Bequeathed Narratives presents the ruthless God-Emperor of the bleak continent of Kadish with a unique opportunity. Marak’s writings could give him access to the rune that will grant omnipotence, the Eighth Rune, and then the God-Emperor would be invincible. A young rune priest and a sword master are sent to Carolia to steal the book – a near impossible task.<br> At the same time Serina, a young Viguru priestess from Carolia, is taken captive by rune priests. She will face a time of cruelty and misery in the terrible Home of the Sisterhood, and a humiliating introduction to the God-Emperor. It all makes for a compellingly thrilling adventure in which Adrian Stone shares his visions on timeless, life-determining aspects: power and its misuse, discrimination, global harmony, and how to reach it. The moral of this double story: striving for absolute power is bound to turn against you.<br><br> ‘The magnificent ending of the story makes me eager for book two. Adrian Stone has surpassed himself.’ Magic Tales about The Eighth Rune<br><br> Adrian Stone is the pseudonym for Ad van Tiggelen (1958). Like no other, Stone possesses the literary qualities to encapsulate complicated matters such as religion and history in a compellingly thrilling, classically modelled fantasy story. Find more information about the author and his books on:
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AuteurAdrian Stone
PublisherLuitingh Sijthoff Fantasy
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Recensie achterlatenThe eighth rune
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