The colours of the chameleon

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This book deals with the dilemmas caused by the various roles one has in life simultaneously. For instance, being a family member, an employee, a friend, a member of a sports club. This could generate tension because expectations of behaviour may clash, or even contradict one another. Individuals may find themselves in a tight spot because notions about loyalty in one's own family, for instance, may be at odds with the dedication and integrity expected by an employer.

The central theme of the book focuses on the involvement of police officers in honour-related cases in their private lives, either as suspect, victim, or in some other way. The Colours of the Chameleon thereby not only fills a gap in current honour-related conflict research, but also provides a unique insight into honour codes in the private lives of police officers.

Dr Janine Janssen is head of research at the National Expertise Centre for Honour-Related Violence (LEC EGG), in The Hague, The Netherlands.
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AuthorJanine Janssen
PublisherEleven international publishing
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2015
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