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What is a text editor? What does the process of editing texts involve? What level of intervention is required to make texts communicate effectively? Text editing sets out to answer these questions directly and in the amount of detail appropriate to a work that describes the text editor's complex craft. At once thoroughly researched and firmly grounded in modern editing practice, this comprehensive, user-friendly handbook covers many aspects of the text editor's intervention in the name of effective communication. For the student of language practice or publishing studies it will prove to be an invaluable source of information about: the types and levels of text editing as a process; the many different roles that the text editor can play; the issues with which the editor has to deal, including plagiarism, copyright and the question of ethics in editing practice generally, as well as the complex process that text editing is. For the practising text editor the systematic approach based on Renkema's text-evaluation model should prove to be illuminating; the text on producing ebooks and digital media and on English as a lingua franca should open up new vistas to the more progressive or tech-savvy editor, while the large number of lists of solutions to a wide variety of textual problems, checklists, tables and figures make this an essential addition to your library of reference works.
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AuteurJohn Linnegar, Kris Van de Poel, Wam Carstens
PublisherAcademic & Scientific publishers
Soort boekPaperback
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