Strategy for the public and private sector

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Strategy for the public and private sectors provides an insight into the theories relevant to all managers who are faced with the challenge of making strategic decisions. In this publication we explore a handy, step by step approach to the creation of a strategic plan, providing the user with a set of practical tools to create a plan themselves. We also cover how a strategy should be constructed for various business units at different organizational levels. This book also covers the history surrounding strategic development in both public and private sectors, and includes a comparison showing how strategic planning in these two sectors can either overlap or become divergent. This allows us to highlight the similarities and differences between these two sectors, with a discussion of the major challenges that managers face in each sector when formulating their strategies. Case studies are included using real life examples from a wide range of organizations, and help to illustrate the most important aspects of the theory discussed within the book. Strategy for the public and private sectors offers a user friendly guide to writing a strategic plan and is therefore suitable for both managers and students enrolled in higher education business and public administration courses.Agota Szabo works as a business management lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Science. She gained her degree in International Business Administration at the Erasmus University and currently doing research in the field of corporate governance at the Amsterdam Business Research Institute. She has been involved in designing executive educational programs and in different research projects regarding strategy and corporate governance.Dr. Hans Veldman has an academic background in Economics and American History. As Associate Professor Strategy at Nyenrode Business University he lectures in Corporate Strategy and Perspectives of Strategy and as senior lecturer Export Management at the Hague University, he teaches about Export Strategies for small and medium size enterprises (SME's). Dr. Veldman has published more than 15 books and 300 articles, mostly related to American companies and culture. His best known works are Export Management, A European Perspective, Strategy and Management and The End of Strategy. He contributes regularly to Het Financieele Dagblad in addition to being a frequent commentator on NPO Radio 1.

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