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Highly educated people have a tendency to believe that all they have achieved in their life is only because of their hard work. I had the same perception eventhough I believed in God. Experiences with the Holy Spirit have taught me that all highly educated people must ask themselves where all of the wisdom of the world,and their own capabilities, came from. Highly educated people, just like everyone else, must give praise and worship to the Creator. As we are in the end times, the time that the seals are/will be broken and the horsemen send to earth (Revelation 6), God is calling on the highly educated to recognize Him as their Lord and Savior. The man on the horse, on the front cover, represents highly educated people that since ancient times are predominantly the ones that own and ride horses. The man is approaching the crossroad, where he has to take a decision. Will he choose for Jesus and eternal salvation or continue as usual with the focus on earthly things? This is the question all highly educated people must ask themselves. The horsemen (on the back cover) that are coming will comply with the mandate given to them from heaven. On which road will you be as they strike? In this book you will read the process that I went through before recognizing that God Almighty is more than my mind can comprehend. God has turned this well-educated person, which often went to a service but had never experienced His signs and wonders, into a person who is anointed for prophetic dance, who can pray in tongues and is a leader. As Adonai has prepared me, He has also been preparing you to work for His ministry. Salvation lies in the decisions that you make.I took the decision to accept Jesus as my Savior and to walk in the path that the Father had designed for me. I trust that after reading this book you too will take a decision and start walking on the path that God has for you, so you can be part of the crowd that Jesus will take to eternal salvation.


Eunice holds a Master Degree in Accounting, is a certified Dutch Public Accountant (RA) and has over 10 years of experience of working at a Big-4 Auditing firm. Eunice is a former member of Toastmasters International and former volunteer of the Baseball Little League Organization.

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AuteurAnita, Eunice
PublisherAuthorHouse UK
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Recensie achterlatenStories to Tell to Show His Greatness
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