Some Reflections on Ethical Challenges

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'The spectacular developments in science, technology and the econ'omy confront us with new challenges making it imperative to develop 'global ethics' for an increasingly interdependent world. Serious obstacles are the dynamics of the worldwide market economy, our fascination with endless ‘growth’ on a limited planet and our prevailing attitudes. For many, life has become horizontal, one dimensional, often resulting in a depressing loss of perspective and lack of vision. Fortunately there is a rapidly growing awareness that a radical reorientation towards a more humane world is necessary. Also there is a growing awareness of the need to respect the legitimate interests of people outside our own nation or the community we belong to. However, we still live with the illusion that we have only to find intelligent answers for recognized problems in a well-defined area. Simply calling for ‘values and norms’ is insufficient. More is needed. What we need is a fundamental change in attitudes based on spiritual renewal.'

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AuteurEdy Korthals Altes
SeriesAspekt Articles
PublisherAspekt B.V., Uitgeverij
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Recensie achterlatenSome Reflections on Ethical Challenges
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