Shaping Text

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This book will show you how shaping text can help you grab, hold, direct and manipulate the observer’s or reader’s attention. Within its pages you will find a rich resource of information about reading behaviour, typefaces, design strategies, technical possibilities and technical challenges. This book was written and designed by Jan Middendorp and contains visual contributions from a wide range of international designers. Shaping text is a guide for designers, writers, publishers, editors and students – anyone who works with fonts or is curious to know more about typography in its context. Shaping Text is a pratical guide for designers, authors, publishers, editors and students – for any user of fonts and typography who wants to know more about their tools. Shaping Text provides background information on reading and selecting information, on typefaces and typographic conventions. Without being normative, the book discusses how typographic decisions influence the impact of a text, what ‘rules’ exist and how to effectively break those rules. There are millions of well-made and attractive shapes of text but some work better than others. Thanks to the cooperation of an international cast of cutting-edge designers, the arguments put forward in this book are illustrated with brilliant examples. Featuring work by Reza Abedini, Philippe Apeloig, Marian Bantjes, Luca Barcellona, Blotto, Irma Boom, Wim Crouwel, Sara De Bondt, Catherine Dixon, Gert Dooreman, Studio Dumbar, Emery Studio, EdenSpiekermann, Faydherbe/DeVringer, Nicholas Felton, Piet Gerards, Grey 318, Klaus Hesse, Jessica Hische, House Industries, Enric Jardí, Lava, Anette Lenz / Vincent Perrottet, Seb Lester, Letman, David Pearson, Mark Porter, Nick Sherman, Mark Thompson, Alex Trochut, Büro Uebele, Xplicit, and many others.
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AuteurJan Middendorp
PublisherBIS Publishers BV
Soort boekHardcover
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