Sacred Geometry Tarot Deck

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Sacred Geometry Tarot Deck The Sacred Geometry Tarot deck is a new interpretation of the classic tarot. The deck covers themes such as personal development, manifestation, wisdom, love and consciousness. You can draw a single card for daily inspiration and contemplation, or you can do an extensive spread on major life questions. You can also put a card on your altar or bedside table for a while. Each card has a different geometric image with a meditative function. This card deck is a tool for transformation. Learn how to turn reactivity into creativity, and move from 'why is this happening to me again?!' to 'Wow, how interesting, I can really do something with this!' The Sacred Geometry Tarot deck helps you find expansive answers within yourself. The only way out is in.
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Binding MethodKaartspelen
Year of Publication2019
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