Problem Free Diabetes

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This book, Problem-Free Diabetes is the result of a vast five-year investigation by researcher Frank Suarez. It is a book dedicated to diabetic patients, to the family that takes care of them, and for the medical and health professionals who genuinely wish to see their patients improve without the need to continuously increase medications or witness the complications that ultimately are the fate of this condition. The book is 511 pages of explanations, in very simple vocabulary, detailing all aspects that need to be understood, in order to achieve a control of the diabetic condition. Because this condition can be fatal, this book has, as its principle purpose to avoid the health complications (vision loss, renal failure, etc.) that can result in an uncontrolled diabetic condition. In this book, Frank Suarez does not exclude any relevant subject and empowers the reader by truly providing understanding in a way that it can be controlled. The book contains 175 pictures, diagrams and illustrations to aid the reader in further enlightenment of the subject matter. Because of the seriousness of this subject in Problem-Free Diabetes, Frank Suarez has included and cited 965 clinical studies, books, scientific articles and medical opinions that support the explanations offered to the reader. Additionally, the book includes a comprehensive glossary (definitions of words used in the book) that further define in simple vocabulary over 124 words including medical terms which are crucial to know to understand the subject of diabetes. Problem-Free Diabetes is a tool for educating the diabetic patient meant to help him control the condition and result in less complications and medical costs when this information is applied. When this is done, the diabetic patient can responsibly assist his medical doctor or medical professional in the management of his condition.

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PublisherFree Choice Benelux B.V.
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