Peace talks

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Edvard Behrens is a senior diplomat of some repute, highly regarded for his work on international peace negotiations. A Norwegian, he is often taken for an Englishman; with a quiet, modest manner, he resides over conflict resolutions, brokering the quiet tussle of skirmishes and oneupmanship between warring delegations in bland, cool conference rooms all over the world. Under his arbitration, unimaginable atrocities are coolly dissected; invisible and ancient lines, grown taut and frayed with conflict, redrawn.In his latest post, Edvard has been sent a nondescript resort hotel in the Tyrol. High up on this mountain, the air is bright and clear. When he isn't working, Edvard reads, walks, listens to music. He confides in no one - no one but his wife Anna. Anna, who he loves with all his heart; Anna, always present and yet forever absent. Honest, honourable, tragic, witty, wise, an unforgettable novel of love, loss, and the human longing for peace, Peace Talks maps the darkest and most tender territories of the human heart.

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