Passio secundum Matthaeum, Requiem Latinum aliaque carmina Latina

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Selection of Latin poetry by the renowned Finnish scholar Tuomo Pekkanen. Tuomo Pekkanen is one of the major Latin poets of our times. He is renowned for the Latin translation of Finland's national epic poem, the Kalevala. The present book contains a fine selection from his Latin poetry, including a poetic paraphrasis of the St Matthew Passion and a Latin Requiem, set to music by the Italian composer Gregorio Santolla. The score of this Requiem is also enclosed. All texts in this volume are in Latin.
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Meer informatie
AuthorTuomo Pekkanen
SeriesSupplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia
PublisherLeuven University Press
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2017
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Recensie achterlatenPassio secundum Matthaeum, Requiem Latinum aliaque carmina Latina
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