Opera omnia Summa (quaestiones ordinariae), art. LIII-LV

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Critical study of the 'second part' of Henry's Summa devoted to the Persons of the Trinity. Henry of Ghent's Summa, art. 53-55, was composed shortly after Christmas of 1281, at the height of Henry's teaching career in the Theology Faculty at the University in Paris. These questions, which begin the 'second part' of his Summa, are devoted to the Persons of the Trinity. They contain Henry's philosophical analyses of the theoretical concepts person, relation, and universals. The text has been reconstructed based upon manuscripts copied from a first and second Parisian university exemplar. In the critical study that precedes the Latin text, the editors argue that the manuscript, Biblioteca VATICANA, Borghese 17, which contains the texts of these articles and which has, in the latter part of this manuscript, many of the features of an exemplar divided into pecia, could not have been the exemplar divided into pecia for these particular articles. The volume concludes with the typical tables.
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AuthorHenricus de Gandavo
SeriesAncient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 2, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 2: Henrici de Gandavo Opera Omnia
PublisherUniversitaire Pers Leuven
Binding MethodHardcover
Year of Publication2014
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