One: a cruisw through the solar system

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Winner of the 2018 Virtual Fantasycon Best Hard SciFi Novel."A near-future story of exploration and intrigue."Sci-Fi like I grew up on: a near-future tale of solar-system-wide intrigue, done in the style of Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke."-- Assaph Mehr, author of the award-winning author of Murder In Absentia"This is very Kim Stanley Robinson-esque - very good!"-- Jonathan Maas, award-winning author of Flare"An inspiring journey in the future of human space travel."-- Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli author of the Red Desert seriesThe year is 2152. What started as a normal work day for BJ Armstrong (debugging the latest faulty AI), quickly turned to the adventure of a lifetime. Join Armstrong on his all-expenses-paid 30-day cruise through the solar system on board the maiden voyage of the latest pleasure ship (complete with a beauty pageant and scientific symposium), as he tries to unravel an assassination plot and foil the biggest heist in history.

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