New rules of coffee

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An illustrated guide to the essential rules for enjoying coffee both at home and in cafes, including tips on storing and serving coffee, coffee growing, roasting and brewing, plus facts, lore, and popular culture from around the globe.

This introduction to all things coffee written by the founders and editors of Sprudge, the premier website for coffee content, features a series of digestible rules accompanied by whimsical illustrations. Divided into three sections (At Home, At the Cafe, and Around the World), The New Rules of Coffee covers the basics of brewing and storage, cafe etiquette and tips for enjoying your visit, as well as essential information about coffee production (What is washed coffee?), coffee myths (Darker is not stronger!), and broadcasts from a new international coffee culture.
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Auteurjordan michelman
PublisherRandom House US
Soort boekHardcover
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