New Age Child at Age

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It's great that Eric wrote this book and I hope more books will follow. Today there is a lot of information about New Age and Highly Sensitive Children. But this can hardly be called a new subject, because New Age children were already here decades ago. And Eric is a good example of this. When he was younger and the internet was yet to be invented, he could not find anything on this subject. Maybe a book here and there in the Public Library but that was it. At the time people did hardly speak or write about it. In those days many people must have felt misunderstood, considered odd or weird. High sensitivity, being a New Age person, always weaves through someone's life like a common thread. Many people 'at age' will recognize themselves in Eric's descriptions. I think it is great that he has made a contribution to explaining this topic to the 'older young people'. I hope it gives them many aha moments, insights, self-acceptance and clarity. Barbara Psychic and Medium

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AuteurEric Olivier
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes46
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Recensie achterlatenNew Age Child at Age
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