My name is bridget

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The story of Bridget is about hope and will as well as luck. How many girls called Bridget survive after all? It is about love, the love of a mother and grandfather in a hostile society. It is most of all about the capacity to fight. Fight for the survival of a twitching baby who can neither suck nor crawl nor later walk. Fight for a person to be called human even if all the odds seem against it because of a traditional belief system. Those around her in her local society mumble: Isn t she one of these creatures fathered by an evil spirit and brought on earth to make havoc in the life of others? Why waste money on treatment for this little devil her father says as her mother picks her up and runs away to her hometown in Ghana where her parents live. "Do away with this dangerous creature" her grandmother says and does not even dare to touch Bridget or be alone in a room with her. Bridget is now twenty-five years old. She has let me tell you her story in this book to help those with a similar handicap to survive and be accepted in life. This is a little jewel of a book about a jewel of a young woman in a jewel of a country called Ghana. Help her fight!

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AuteurIneke Bosman
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes73
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Recensie achterlatenMy name is bridget
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