Movie Circuits

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<i>Movie Circuits</i> is a book about cinema; more precisely, it is about how technological changes are negotiated within the operation of the medium, thus resulting in the preservation, obsolescence and expansion of its conventional apparatus. Based on an active effort to take distance from traditional disciplines, the author produces scholarship from the standpoint of the flusserian functionaries of the apparatus. He deploys his empirical, hands-on experience with the medium underpinnings, both as a projectionist and a curator, as a form of practice-based approach able to pierce through the veils of the scientific paradigm and medial ideology alike, in order to better comprehend the relationship between moving image and media technology. Departing from the modes of organization of cinema promoted by different cultural practices, from art making to piracy, the volume does a critical revision of current theories, putting into question the institutional character of medium ontology.
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AuteurGabriel Menotti
PublisherAmsterdam University Press
Soort boekEbook
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