Mandatory corporate social responsibility reporting in the EU

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Although non-financial or CSR-reporting has attracted increasing attention in the last decades, it only recently entered the legal discourse. This book narrows the gap between CSR reporting and legal disclosure requirements. It analyses financial, management, and corporate governance reporting, as well as other dedicated reporting types. The author investigates what legal framework underpins these disclosure types; to what extent these instruments mandate the disclosure of non-financial information; and if they have potential to expand their non-financial disclosure requirements. The findings suggest that mandatory nonfinancial reporting is less developed than expected. It further recommends more narrow and elaborate disclosure obligations to achieve higher transparency in CSR matters.
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AuteurDániel Gergely Szabó
SeriesDovenschmidt Monographs
PublisherEleven international publishing
Soort boekHardcover
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Recensie achterlatenMandatory corporate social responsibility reporting in the EU
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