Magic of m.c. escher

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As beautiful and complex as an Escher work itself¿a classic study of a great artist and his works on paper M.C. Escher (1898-1972) is renowned for his ability to render the visions of his mind¿s eye. The visions themselves were remarkable: for Escher, the skin of the visible world was nothing more than a piece of cloth that could be cut, folded, shaped, and rearranged in marvelous ways. A superb draftsman, he portrayed these other-worldly transformations of space within the familiar borders of a sheet of paper. The resulting images have become the favorite artworks of viewers around the world. The Magic of M.C. Escher does justice to this original artist's inventions. Escher¿s works¿woodcuts, lithographs, and drawings, accompanied by quotes from the author¿are brilliantly arranged to form a cinematic look at his achievements. Here is the magical world of the artist's mind, an uncharted realm full of exotic conceptions and inventions. 380 illustrations, 330 in color
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Authorj. l. locher
PublisherThames & Hudson
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2013
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