Looking for work in South Africa

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Does working abroad appeal to you? Does it sound like a great adventure or a perfect get away from your home country? Or perhaps the opportunity to experience a new country and a new culture? Do not underestimate the situation: career hunting abroad requires more than translating your CV! Different cultures all require their own approach. An ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will not work. Stop sending out hundreds of more or less similar applications every week. Each job, employer and country needs its own tailor-made approach. No country has the same 'model' for a CV. An employer from your home country may need different information in judging a good candidate than a South African employer. This Career Guide from Expertise in Labour Mobility is geared towards South Africa – it helps you to understand the culture and the cultural consequences regarding looking for work in South Africa. With practical information, CV tips, background knowledge and accurate insights into the country and its labour market, this Career Guide is your ultimate companion to be successful in South Africa.
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AuteurA.M. Ripmeester, Lina Zedelius, Salma Dollah
SeriesLooking for work in...
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