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The purpose of this scripture is to learn more on a particular kind of confinement in prison: the life imprisonment. This book discusses the issue of life imprisonment. Does it imply that inmates may remain in prison for the rest of their life? Often, the public opinion thinks that the worst criminals may be released after few years and may commit other crimes against the society. In some states an inmate can die in prison. Is this kind of punishment in line with the punishment purposes?May this kind of punishment violate inmates' human rights? These questions will be examined in light of law and jurisprudence, in order to discover if life sentence is efficient. Some academics had described the life imprisonment as a hidden and slow death penalty. The European Court of Human Rights has drafted clear boards. Regardless of supporting the concept or not, life imprisonment or not, a change in prison policies is required.

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AuteurCaterina Scalise
PublisherWolf Productions
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