Let all birds free

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Birds in cages and poultry live in captivity. This book describes how caged birds and poultry diseases develop to a greater extent, which can also be transmitted to humans.The expansion in the intensive livestock and poultry farming threatens the health of us all. More antibiotics are given to animals than to our patients. The pharmaceutical industry has taken full advantage. Patient care is booming and is likely to be prohibitively expensive. Prevention is essental for all of us in order to make our environment healthier and reduce the increase of chronic diseases. A revolution in our thinking and acting is imperative. No more caged birds, but also avoid the consumption of contaminated poultry products and raw chicken egg whites. It will not be easy to bring about this revolution, but we have no choice if we want to combat the rise of these chronic diseases.

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AuteurPeter Holst
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes206
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Recensie achterlatenLet all birds free
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