Komba and Baleo: Tall, Ugly and Green Thingies

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Komba and Baleo is a children's story series written and illustrated by S. L. d'Souza. The stories are about two tiny and hardworking gorbugs who face several challenges whilst working and caring for their beautiful garden of Sira, a secret place in the Rengeti forest. Komba is the fast running gorbug and Baleo is the super flying bug who keep Sira very beautiful. In story one, Tall, Ugly and Green Thingies, Komba and Baleo come face-to-face with a gang of tall, menacing green thingies. As Komba and Baleo, and the many other gorbugs are confronted by these thingies, they must find a way out that helps them balance their need for peace and happiness, and for working their beloved garden. The pair has to find a solution quickly before the peace and tranquility of Sira fades away forever.

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AuteurS. L. D'Souza
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes82
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Recensie achterlatenKomba and Baleo: Tall, Ugly and Green Thingies
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