Ketchup cookbook

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What in the world would we do without ketchup? This famous red sauce is synonymous with hamburgers and fries, but how many people would think of using it as a basic ingredient for culinary delights? The unique flavour and rich colour of this humble condiment is used to create a classic prawn cocktail sauce, sushi with sesame ketchup, spicy lamb curry and creamy mussel soup, to name but a few. This book introduces ketchup in all its versatile and cheerful guises. Discover the love match between ketchup and tomatoes, ketchup as a super food, its modest role in literature and film, and, of course, the astonishing variety of wonderful recipes to be made with the worldÕs most famous tomato sauce. A must have for ketchup lovers and cooks alike.
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AuthorDesiree Verkaar
PublisherCaplan Publishing B.V.
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2011
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Recensie achterlatenKetchup cookbook
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