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From where did the Mages come to pay homage to the Child Jesus? In which part of the world lived the fearsome Parts, whom dared to challenge the Roman Empire? From where did the first peaches get to Europe? Where were the beautiful carpets depicted in Renaissance paintings produced? And then again, from where does the Persian Gulf take its name? To all these questions, there is only one answer: Persia. Known with the name of Iran since the not-so-far 1935, the country is among the most loaded with history of the entire Asian continent. Cradle of ancient civilizations, it was the scene of events and changes that irreversibly modified the history of humanity. To this wonderful country is dedicated the photographic volume of Maria Luisa Gaetani who, on the occasion of her recent trip to Iran, has been able to capture, with rare sensitivity, the shapes and colors of the country. Not only cities and buildings, but also human faces and glimpses of everyday life that, like monuments, are the product of a cultural stratification, created by the passage of all kinds of peoples and races. This books is a tribute to the variety of a country that has been able to build its national identity from the union of different customs and traditions.
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PublisherSilvana Editoriale
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