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What questions have you heard recently that made a decisive impact on your work? Intervision is a form of expertise development in which professionals call on their colleagues and peers to help them gain insights into the problems they have at work. A group of five to eight participants unravels a problem submitted by one participant, the case provider, by asking questions using one or another intervision method. This book explains the top 10 best intervision methods. Intervision is about how to use intervision as a learning and development tool for individuals, teams and organizations. It will introduce beginners to a method that gives fast results, takes little time to learn and can be used by any group in any organization. For the more advanced, the book fine-tunes intervision into making a deeper contribution to your own development and that of the organization for which you work. Monique Bellersen and Inez Kohlmann are management consultants active in the field of intervision. They aspire to further develop intervision and introduce it as a professionalization tool for individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

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AuteurInez Kohlmann, Monique Bellersen
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