Integrated design and engineering

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Organizations have to work continuously on the improvement of the quality of their products and services to secure future profit. They have also to develop and deliver timely new innovations and products. But the development of these new innovations and products is always both a challenging and a difficult process. Challenging because it enables us to exploit new ways challenges and possibilities and difficult because it requires choices to be made which exclude other challenges and possibilities. Each choice or possibility in the design process also means financial consequences or a specific cost price and so impacts upon future profitability. Well designed products promise profit whilst a poor design can even result in losses. So design as a profession is not only a challenging one but also a risky one. But no improvement means no future profits. Value creation will be the red line in this book. How to organize the right design process is the main topic. This will mean an integration of all stakeholders around the design and engineering processes of products and services. This process can deliver the right prospects for client satisfaction and value creation. Organizing the design processes of a design team around all the stakeholders is necessary and the quality of this team will be a main factor for success. Another important factor is to investigate and weight the right client needs demands and wishes. And finally the effective utilization of information technology as a knowledge tool around design and engineering processes is also a key factor. What lessons will you learn after reading and in particular applying this book: What is involved in setting up a design and engineering process that is client oriented and value driven for your organization. How to organize an improvement of existing products and services with all the stakeholders. How to implement the role of information technology over the whole life cycle of a product including the reuse of proven knowledge. Exciting applications from the fields of designing products of building services and of asset management.
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AuteurT.M.E. Zaal
PublisherMaj Publishing
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