Innovative Architecture Strategies

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This book presents a series of contemporary, diverse and innovative design strategies that vary in form, function and design intent. The common denominator of all projects is the alternative and/or experimental approach of combining both private and public spaces. Diverse, innovative design approaches with complex programme are combined with socially and financially sustainable strategies. 'Innovative Architecture Strategies' aims to help understand the different design approa­ches that can be followed when called to propose a concept and design an innovative mixed-use building. It's also a guide, point of reference, and inspiration book. The book demonstrates an analytical and clear way to conceptualize, explain and present a mixed-use design project. Each project in the book is selected for its different form, function, technique and design intent. They all offer a clear example of a de­sign project. The diverse design approaches are presented in ten chapters. Each chapter begins with explaining the main concept behind the specific design approach and with a reference to a built precedent.

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AuteurSimos Vamvakidis
PublisherBIS Publishers BV
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