Glossary of shipping and financial terms

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Students wanting to learn more about maritime and port economics have not always been prepared to a detailed knowledge of the specific terminology of the shipping world. A manual of terms that are mostly foreign to them helps to gain a quicker and better understanding of the new courses they are confronted with.

Also in the financial and insurance world, money markets, securities and banking, new words, methods and systems are being developed and acronyms, abbreviations and sometimes bizarre names are being used in contracts and agreements. It is therefore wise to understand them correctly in an ever more complex environment.

The glossary is intended as a reference to both shipping and financial terminology. It is printed in an easy and handy format so as to be readily available at all times.

It certainly does not have the pretence to be absolutely complete but hopes to inspire readers to keep on looking further in a world where continuous learning is a must.

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AuthorHonoré C. Paelinck
PublisherAcademic & Scientific publishers
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2010
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