Globalizing Asian Religions

This volume brings together the insights of theories of management and marketing to give an original, alternative view of the organizational dynamics of globalizing Asian New Religious Movements (NRMs) and established religions. It also provides insights into the way the traditional religions are fighting back as they lose numbers to NRMs and are forced to adopt innovative proselytizing strategies and a new global mindset. In order to develop this path-breaking theoretical perspective on globalizing Asian religions, eleven authors in this collection have recast their original empirical data on individual Asian religions to focus on the way these organizations are managed in an overseas or global context, by examining the structure, organizational culture, management style, leadership principles and marketing strategies of the religious movements they had hitherto studied from the perspective of the sociology of religion, or religious studies. Others have adopted a national, regional or global focus in relation to the transnational reach of specifically Japanese religions in North and South America, the EU and Africa. The book examines strategies for global proselytization in a variety of local ethnographic contexts, and thus contributes to the scholarly work on the "glocalisation" of religions.

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SeriesGlobal Asia
PublisherAmsterdam University Press
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