Giacometti. Tate Introduction

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Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966) is one of the most significant sculptors of the twentieth century, internationally acclaimed for his unique style and innovative vision. His distinctive elongated figures are inescapably associated with the post war climate of existentialist despair and almost more recognisable than the artist s name. Part of the Tate Introductions series, this richly illustrated and accessible book provides an engaging and concise account of Giacometti s work and life. It explores the story of the artist s evolution, from his first sketchbooks and professional works of art through his extraordinary Surrealist compositions, to the emergence of his mature style. Also available in the Tate Introductions series: O'Keeffe by Hannah Johnston, Chagall by Monica Bohm-Duchen, Gauguin by Nancy Ireson, Matisse by Juliette Rizzi, Warhol by Stephanie Straine, Rauschenberg by Ed Krcma, Hockney by Helen Little.

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AuteurLena Fritsch
PublisherTate Publishing
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