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This book is not an auction catalogue. It is a carnet de voyage - a travelogue about objects that once washed ashore in Gert Voorjans’s treasury but are now ready to continue their odyssey. Madeleine Castaing, Jacques Grange, Alberto Pinto, Carlos de Beistegui: many great interior designers before Voorjans auctioned the objects that passed through their hands. These collection pieces still bear their pedigree, but now tell different stories in new contexts. Voorjans also bids farewell to the collectibles, his companions de route for many years. In Collectibles, Voorjans allows us a generous insight into his universe. And what's more, he wants to pass on his collecting virus to a new generation of tastemaker for whom he has paved the way. The art, antiques and curiosities from his private collection are now ready to welcome and entertain someone new. Collectibles encapsulates the best of Gert Voorjans's personal collection of fascinating objects and artifacts spanning over 25 years.

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AuteurGert Voorjans
Aantal bladzijdes208
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Recensie achterlatenGert Voorjans Collectibles
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